About Us

Our Story

Alden Lake Productions was founded by Jakob Ahlefeldt, and Thomas von Bell with the vision of telling stories through film and music.

With years of experience in filmmaking, music & audio production, and visual arts we help our clients acheive a unique and personal media presence. Whether you are a business who needs new visual material, a freelance journalist who wants to make a documentary, or a creator/artist who needs help telling your story in a cinematic way – we have got you covered.

Together with our wonderful team and clients, we have produced everything from cooking shows and online video courses, to commercials and music videos. No matter the size of your project, we will work alongside you and tailor a solution specific for your needs, to help you reach your goal.

Alden Lake Productions has both the skills and gear needed to create films of the highest quality, exclusive and royalty free music that suits your project, and visual arts such as logos, album covers, and product photography.

Whatever your story is, we will provide the best way to help you tell it.

Meet Us

Our Administration

Jakob and Thomas are the founders of Alden Lake Productions and work alongside each other to create compelling stories through film and music.


I am a filmmaker and visual artist who loves to bring stories to life and constantly strive to perfect the way I make films. I believe that through hard work, cooperation and great passion for filmmaking we can together make the best stories come to life. The ambition and craftsmanship of filmmakers like David Fincher & Denis Villeneuve inspire me to become a better filmmaker.


I am a music producer and sound technician who has been playing guitar as my primary instrument since I was 6 years old. I strive to constantly improve my craft and thrive on conveying emotions through sound. I draw influence from artists such as Led Zeppelin, Hans Zimmer, and Tool.